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Wood Smoke

Crazy three-day weekend! On Saturday I went to Hearthwood and got the cathedral ceiling support for our chimney put in. I actually got to use a chain saw to cut a hole in my house! How many suburbanites have hankered to do that since that dream sequence in the burbs?

Anyway, I also got to climb on to the roof, which was great in that nice weather we had.

Jean and Lucas even came out in morning to help me set up, but it was too cold for my little man, so we all went back around lunch time.

After lunch I returned to complete the job and secure the box to the framing of the house.

On Sunday, Josh came out to help and we trekked up on the roof once again to install the chimney, flashing and rain cap. I called John from Nicholas Chimney, who was EXTREMELY helpful with figuring it all out.

True to character, Josh called as we were heading out, sounding like he just woke up, to give it his all.

Once we moved inside and began constructing the chimney, it went pretty fast, the chimney going up in about an hour or so.

Jean stopped by and brought us Wendy's for lunch (we're subsidizing them now) and we started a fire (our first).

After the first floor stove, we went to the basement and began framing out the hole for the basement stove.

Oh, and my digital camera decided to die on me, so photos will take a little bit longer to get up on the site-but will probably be a better quality, being from my SLR.

I had Monday off, so Bob and I went out to work on the stove some more and possibly get to some framing details.

Turns out we coudn't do much more on the stove without some more parts, so we moved on to framing details.

We got almost everything done! Fire blocking (with drywall) in the hollow core wall, subfloor pieces, sub-floor screwing in the kitchen, joist blocking in the kitchen and Lucas's room, closet framing in Lucas's room, and much more!

All we have left to frame is the fireblocking around the perimeter of the dome and a small wall beside the stairs before we can get inspected. That is of course, assuming the framing around the duct work doesn't need to be done before the inspection.

Next weekend we might get good enough weather to do some more siding, or might begin drilling holes for wiring....see you 'round!

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