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Wiring; Day One

This past weekend, we had a number of familiar faces on-site lending a hand. Steve Snyder, Kathy & Bob's friend, helped out enormously with the wiring and planning of circuits, along with his son Ben. Christophe was in town from Switzerland, having come down from his all-hands meeting at JP Morgan in New York City. Bob, back from his month-long journey with Kathy to the mid-west, was out helping. My Dad, too, came out both days to do all manner of tasks...
Justin was out to help as well, and it was such a nice day that Jean stayed for a while during lunch, with Lucas.

Saturday morning we jumped right into it, Steve lending his hobbyists hand to the task of laying out our circuit runs on the main floor, and then pulling wire.

While he and I were discussing circuits, Justin and Christophe hauled the other two pieces of the shower/tub unit from the basement to the first floor and put it all together.

Steve and my father talked over the logistics of doing it one way or another and then Christophe and my dad began drilling studwork where necessary and pulling wire as well. Christophe was incredibly kind to lend a hand- I feel like he is always doing some sort of manual labor while visiting the Dyers.

Between all of us, we were able to get about 3/4 of the first floor completely wired! Pretty thrilling.

On Sunday we spent the morning installing our silt fence in preparation of the upcoming drain-field work. Christophe, Dad and I spent the rest of the day wiring the remainder of the first floor outlets.

Yesterday, Dad and Mom dug and poured us a mailbox footer, across the street from theirs. They've gone through 3 mailboxes in the last year, kids knocking them down and such. We're both going to have cinder-block pillars covered in stone, which will be just a bit more sturdy.

I was able to get home a little earlier yesterday, so spent 2 hours at Hearthwood in the early evening, doing more wiring and locating the dining room chandelier and great room fan fixture.

There's still a lot to go, but we're moving quickly. Perhaps two more weekends of wiring before we're ready for our inspection, after which we can insulate!

So come on out and help pull wire! We can always use a hand!

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Hi, well, it was in fact a pleasure to give a hand. My boss, though, asked me why I had so many blood scars on my hands. So now the whole bank knows about hearthwood.
I'm glad to hear you didn't get fined.
Good luck

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