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Silt Fence and Wiring

This weekend was really more than we could have hoped for. Not only did we manage to get the silt fence up, which I thought would have taken the whole weekend, but we also nearly finished wiring the top two floors!

Saturday morning, My Mom, Dad, Bob and Kathy all came out to help put up the super silt fence and regular silt fence. If you haven't seen the stuff, super silt fence is made up of 4" diameter poles, chain link fence and a plastic mesh laid on the chain link.

Last fall we only get so far as putting in three fence posts, since the ground was so hard.

The ground is so saturated with water from winter that the tractor was able to push the posts right into the ground, no pounding involved!

While Dad, Bob and Kathy worked on the super silt fence, my mother and I put up the regular silt fence around the remainder of the perimeter.

The regular silt fence is simply four foot long oak posts with orange plastic mesh that we zip tied to the posts. The posts seriously look like enormous toothpicks.

We made such good time that we were done by around 2pm and moved into the dome to work on wiring.

We moved quickly there too, wiring a good portion of the first floor and the master bathroom too.

On Sunday, I had a notion to get to Hearthwood early, so got up and over there by around 8:30. My mother came over shortly thereafter and helped to get more wiring done.

Bob and Kathy showed up around lunch time and helped to nearly complete the first and second floors! I have only one (or two) runs off existing circuits left to wire for the first floor.

In the basement, we need to wire at least the perimeter (we're leaving it unfinished) where we're going to insulate.

We are probably going to hire an electrician to connect the circuit breakers.

After electric, we'll do category 5e wiring for phone and data, co-axial for video, and speaker wire for a future whole-house speaker system.

So that's what we plan to do next weekend-more wiring! So come and pull some cable!

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