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Drywall Arrives, Well Works!

While I had to work on Saturday, Jean and her dad were out helping to unload drywall.

The truck arrived with no forklift in tow (Victor wasn't able to procure a truck small enough to get through the tunnel, equipped with one). At 8:00am, he called Jean to say he wasn't going to be able to unload the drywall, and what were we to do? Jean, I might say here, is not someone who takes things lying down.

She immediately took up the torch and suggested they use the Kubota with the fork lift attachment to get the drywall, saving the day!

On Sunday, Bob helped to finalize the connection for the dryer vent and help with the tub framing. I wired a few circuit breakers.

This week has gone very fast. Rising Sun has almost completely finished the drainfield, in that they only have the final inspection left to do. They've completely graded the drain field and septic tank area into a level field and into what will be our yard.

We've got our well pump working and hooked up now as well.

Our drywall starts tomorrow morning!

We definitely need people out this next weekend. We need to get at least another wall or two of siding done.

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