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Countertops, Lights, Running Water!

This past weekend was pretty fast-moving. The weather was completely outstanding, allowing us to be productive both indoors and out.

Last week, Jean and her dad had picked up our countertops from IKEA. We decided to go with joined wood blocks rather than Corian or SileStone for two reasons: time and money. The Corian would have been around $2500 installed and at least two weeks away. For those of you who are brave enough to ask, you know we're shooting for an early July move-in date, so this wouldn't work.

We'd already investigated the IKEA bit, like the look, so went with it. The whole set cost around $250!

So Saturday morning we measured, crossed our fingers and cut the countertops at Bob and Kathy's. We had our sinks (prep and kitchen) on hand, so cut the holes for them as well.

After lunch we took them over to Hearthwood and installed all but one that day.

Bob and Kathy also put IMMENSE effort into reconstructing the shoddy prep sink cabinet I threw together in 15 minutes last week. Much thanks there.

While Jean, Bob and Kathy were doing countertops, I worked on installing outlets and light fixtures.

Butter-fingers Ed also managed to break yet another piece of glass: the dome to our dining room chandelier. We're getting a replacement.

On Sunday, we tackled the last countertop and moved directly into siding.

We got another short wall and tall wall completed. Now we have only to complete 1/2 a tall wall and a dormer and it's all done!

This week Jean has been working overtime. She picked up our pressure-assist toilet on Monday, and yesterday the plumber came out to install it, the bathroom sink, our kitchen sinks, the dishwasher, our icemaker, etc.

I had the morning off (no appointment) so I installed a few outlets, the second bar light (they look awesome!), and then the sinks. The plumber said they normally don't do it and I didn't feel like getting charged any extra, so I tore into it. Literally.

The prep sink went just fine. Nail in the securing clips, run the bead of caulk, pop in the sink, voila. The kitchen sink...not so smooth. We had cut the hole so precisely that once I attached the securing clips, it was too big to fit. So I pulled out the scroll-saw and began trimming the countertop hole. Then my blade broke. No replacement. I was running late. Pulled out the Sawz-All. Done. Popped in the countertop and took off.

Today, Bob and Jean are going to pick up our stair railing for the inside stair. I'm taking Friday off and we'll work on electric stuff, trying to hook up the remainder of the outlets and lights on the main floor. Over the weekend, we need to finish the half wall of siding, put up the stair railing, and put a safety rail over the deck doors.

Although I'm sure we must be missing something, I can't think of what, so we will actually CALL FOR FINAL INSPECTION next week. Next week! Then, assuming we are missing things, we'll get a list of what we have left to do and we will finish them up the following weekend. (4th of July weekend)

Then we will get inspected again and hopefully pass. then Jean and I head off for a mini-break to LA. (I'm going for training, Lucas and Jean are visiting Fiona. Hopefully we'll work some surfing in.) and when we come back, we should be ready to move in on Sunday, the 11th of July if all goes well. So keep your fingers crossed!

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