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Any Day Now

Wow, things are really moving along at Hearthwood.

Yesterday Simpson HVAC called (called us! tear rolling down my cheek) and asked to come out to install the remaining registers and vent our water heater. Eric did such an excellent job about the installation, he was even able to do it without cutting extra drywall. (thus avoiding an argument with us)

The phone company came out and attempted to hook up our phone lines with only a minivan, despite Jean having called several times to avoid just such a situation. "Yes, you actually need to string the lines between poles from the road, about 1/4 mile." Remember, this is the company that attempted to charge us for a dial tone to an empty wooded lot over two years ago...

They were more successful today, but we don't know if it works just yet, as in my exuberance to get a phone over to the dome, I forgot to give Jean a cable.

We are also getting the stairs in the dome carpeted today, to give Lucas and the kids (future tense here) a testing ground more friendly to little hands and knees (and pretty good for mattress rides too).

We just got a decent quote in for the deck, so we're pushing ahead with that too.

Last Thursday we converted our nasty interest-only loan into a mortgage, so as of this week we are "home-owners" in the sense that we have some sort of false belief we actually own our home and aren't just renting it from the county:) You should see the rent, I mean tax, bills.

Jean and I were over at the dome last night, relocating where the phone line comes in, and adding an outlet to the furnace circuit to power the AC condenser unit. Nothing tonight I think, but I'm sure we'll be over tomorrow evening to do something else before our inspection on Thursday or Friday. Here's hoping we pass and can move in this weekend!

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