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Wintering in Colorado

So we're back from Colorado, having spent a week or so in Breckinridge, at the Kathy and Bob's retiremet condo.
Lucas, Jean and I flew out to Denver where Bob picked us up and drove us over to Breck. Kate and Zeke also flew in, so we made a zoo of it with the in-laws in their abode...

We had an awesome week skiing and snow-boarding, along with tasting the local food, brew and hot-tubbing.

Jean, Kate, Kathy and Bob are all avid skiers, and in one group or another stayed near the top of the mountain most days. I'm comfortable on Blues, and not eager to navigate moguls, but thought I might give snow boarding a try.

I'd never boarded before, so after one day, I traded in my skis and Jean was kind enough to leave the black mogul runs to tag along and be humbled by the board. We took first-timer lessons the first day with a really cool instructor, Irma. She was a sixty-something woman who used to be a history school teacher in Alaska, as well as a professional fisherman. She got the snow-boarding bug and never looked back. She makes and sells pottery in the local shops and goes mountain-climbing in the off-season. Where did I go wrong?

Anyway, the first day was pretty rough, falling alot. The second day was better, but the falls (though fewer) were worse, as we were more confident. I had a third day, and that was the best.

Lucas also really enjoyed our stay. He played with the recycling (yogurt cups and salad dressing bottles), but most of all, enjoyed the chocolate bar he snagged! One evening we were cleaning up dinner and watching TV. Lucas had been quiet for the past few minutes, and we hadn't yet taken notice. Then Jean heard Lucas giggle. Just once. He was sitting in the hallway with a Trader Joes' chocolate bar in his hands, mouth completely covered in chocolate.

We also enjoyed our family rummy games as usual. I can't not mention that we had Kathy laughing water out of her mouth one evening. SPEW!
It was a good trip.


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