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Wooster, Wuster, or Worchestershire?

Undeterred by our tardiness, Busby managed to find himself a spot of coffee and then return to the station to rendezvous with us. We cabbed it back to his place where Lucas again found his territory expanded. He now not only had a flat in which to explore and wreak havoc, but also a back yard to explore...

We hung about for a bit, Lucas pushing his limits by pulling open all drawers and such, and then cabbed it back into town to have a bite to eat at Pizza Express, a much nicer establishment than the name suggests. We ordered some pizza (surprise) and made that the fifth or so meal by that name for our boy this trip:) I enjoyed a Peroni Gran Reserva...

Back at Busby's house WITH THE BIG YARD (just sold, not moving out for some six weeks) Lucas made his mischief known by knocking over my glass of absinth, pulling some thirty leaves off "Flora", a plant of Lorraine's, and working other deeds of innocent toddler fury, much like a hurricane. Jean and Lucas bedded while I stayed up to watch "Scumballs" (Think "Canonball Run") with Busby.

Today we drove off to the Cotswalds and visited Broadway, where we walked around to see the old village, get a bite to eat (with Black Thorn Cidre and a Wadworth 6X), and have some tea. Lucas again spurned the lunch choice and instead played with his toys in his pram. We quitted the town a while later, after looking at new-old condo developments (The Russells).

We took a stop at the Broadway Tower, a tiny little tower on a hill, the highest point for some 50 miles or so. Very cool. Lucas woke up as we were getting ready to go to the car, so we looked at the whole thing all over again so he could see the sheep and such.

Our last stop of the day was Stratford upon Avon, Shakespeare's birthplace. Fortunatley for our pocketbooks, most everything was closed, it being past five, but we did miss the butterfly farm, which Lucas would have loved. We walked a fair bit, Lucas getting to run around the 800th anniversary fountain, see geese and boats, and the older crowd getting decent looks at historic architecture. Lucas and I had a great run in the field just before getting into the car.

We've had some Cantonese food this evening for dinner, which Lucas had a healthy portion of, and are now preparing to hit the sack after a good bath (Lucas only of course). Tomorrow we plan on going to an acuarium in the center of Birmingham, and perhaps just walking around the city for entertainment.


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