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Great Room Wood Floors, Day Four

Yet another marathon day. I've just wrapped up at 12:30am again...

I dragged myself out of bed this morning sometime before eight o'clock to groggily walk the dogs. You can't imagine what they're going through, with not only the rest of the family gone, but loud banging and a complete living space overhaul. I am frankly surprised they haven't relieved themselves on our bed yet.

I got started on one of the last runs around eight-thirty. My mother came over around 9ish, and we got underway. Bob and Kathy/Kate began planing then as well. It took us past lunchtime to finish that last bit, which had some pretty interesting "puzzle" pieces. Kate and Bob had planed the perfect amount of wood by that time, so they lit out for home where there were more chores to do.

Mom and I persevered at the floor, embarking next on the hallway. By dinner time we'd done the hall and were thoroughly exhausted. Justin called and volunteered to help out after dinner. I seriously owe these people indentured servitude. I had an incredible (always tastes better when you're hungry and tired) dinner at the Phillipsons' and then was back by 7:30, working again. Mom came by to drop of the nail gun, sander and do some putty.

Justin and I got the landing done, and I began to work on the closets. I finished out the closets after Justin left, save actually nailing them down- I'm going to be using the nail gun for that and Mom forgot the hose at her house. I'll get it tomorrow morning.

I'm drinking a dram of Ardbeg 10 year and am about to fall asleep. Tomorrow, I straighten the house, make sure there aren't any nails up, air-nail the closets down, and begin sanding to a good audio book.


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