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This past week both Merrill and I simultaneously turned a year older, followed shortly by our friend Krissy, a day later.

Merrill is doing absolutely incredible things by "we have one kid and know it all" standards. She began walking over the holidays in short, toddly bursts, but a few days before her birthday she began walking in earnest, and now that's all she does. You'd think she ran a marathon, the way she proudly cruises around now. And with that pride comes serious attitude, like she's finally seen her destiny as a world leader or something:)

We went out to lunch at Old Dominion Brewery Sunday and Merrill refused to eat her half of the shared hamburger we purchased for her and Lucas. We caved and bought a grilled cheese sandwich off the kids menu; she took one bite and refused that as well. I was quite exhasperated (read, I have several very cool beer samples in front of me and the last thing I want to think about is a picky toddler), but Jean figured it out. Merrill wanted to choose what she was eating AND pick it up off the plate and feed herself.

Jean tore the sandwich into manageable pieces and handed one to Merrill; she refused, arms waiving off the horde. She pushed it back onto the plate, guiding Jean's arm like a crane, then picked that same piece off the plate and took a bite. She swapped between three different pieces, taking bites and smiling at us in between. As Jean puts it, she has "princess power"

David, Mav and Vince were also in attendance this weekend, and Merrill especially enjoys the ribbons from David's gift. Jeans says "Ever since, she cannot walk around the house without a bit of pink, shiny ribbon in her hands. She usually holds it high above her head, too. We call it "Princess Power Ribbon." She's very cute. Lucas was jealous of us shouting that out to Merrill all the time so he started saying his black steam engine was a "Princess Power Train." I said- "ok. that's cool." so now I'm always shouting "Princess Power" SOMETHING."

The funniest (by me) part of this weekend was when Lucas found a coffee bean on the kitchen floor and wanted to put it in the "basura" (correct pronunciation with single rolled R and everything). Mavora deemed this ok and that he could put it in the "basura" (with an R so lazy, it could apply for assistance). Lucas corrected her pronunciation by leaning forward with hands behind him saying as pointedly as he could: "BAAAASUUUURRRA". This was quite hilarious.

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