The Construction Process, divided by topic. Although primary construction is done, and we've been living in the dome since August 2004, it's fun to see just how many days we've been doing this. Click on the dome to get back to this page.

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Needed Before
Footing pouring footings, slab, etc. PASSED!
Plumbing Ground Work (basement stuff that will be in the slab) covering plumbing with gravel, mesh and vapor barrier PASSED!
Slab inspection pouring slab PASSED!
Waterproofing backfilling PASSED!
Gas Hookup filling the propane tank and using it PASSED!
Temp Electric getting power from NOVEC PASSED!
Framing Inspection concealing the framework PASSED!
Plumbing Inspection concealing the plumbing PASSED!
Gas Inspection concealing the gas lines PASSED!
Mechanical Inspection before concealing ductwork PASSED!
Insulation Inspection before concealing the insulation PASSED!
Final Electrical Service Inspection getting electrical power PASSED!
Close In Inspection installing drywall or insulation, installing switches, receptacles or devices PASSED!
Mechanical Close-in Inspection installing drywall or insulation, etc. PASSED!
Final Inspection using equipment, applicance outlets, panel switches, etc. PASSED!
Final Grading Inspection Final seeding, occupying the structure PASSED!
Residential Use Inspection Occupying the structure PASSED!

*We'll start the actual timeline with the construction phase. The pre-construction phase is so skewed in our case that it should not be taken as normal: We bought Hearthwood in November of 2000.