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Healing Pathways is a forward-thinking boutique firm that is dedicated to helping people - at home or at work -  achieve their life and professional goals through personal growth, self awareness, mindfulness and personal responsibility.

Our specialty is helping people who are going through change, transition or difficult times to be emotionally solid so they can successfully resolve their situation, move forward and thrive.  

Services for People:   We focus on 4 areas of the human experience:   

Personal Recovery 

 Self Discovery

Change & Transition 

 Accomplishment & Fulfillment

Workplace Services:   Healing Pathways supports organizations, agencies and programs that serve the greater good.  We  provide these organizations with emotional health & wellness services for their management/staff - their clients/customers - and the communities that they serve.  

We also provide inter-personal outreach and advocacy services to help them to engage, influence and collaborate with resistant people and markets.

Our primary areas focus:

Rural and Community Health Clinics and Providers 

Social Service Programs and Agencies 

Community and Professional Education.

Featured Programs  (Winter-Spring 2015)  

1.         What (the heck) Happened?”

This strategic program is primarily targeted to people age 50+ years old – who while moving towards the pinnacle of their life journey and/or professional career path, had the rug yanked out from under them.  

The program includes a wide range of support and resource services (including; coaching/counseling, networking support, emotional wellness, outreach) to assist the individual in reclaiming their life. 

(This group is stuck in “no mans land” and slips between the cracks with regard to usual and customary support services and professional assistance... and do not qualify for public programs.)

2.    Self Care 101 – Back to The Basics

This vital segment derived from the “Your Best Whole Self” Program is designed to get people emotionally solid and secure no matter what else is going on in their lives.  

It helps people manage and master change and transition, high pressure environments, difficult people, challenging situations and circumstances, etc. by connecting with and drawing from the strength and wisdom within themselves.

3.        “
It’s Your Turn Now  

This program is for Veterans of the Armed Forces – designed to support and guide veterans - their families, caregivers and advocates - through their healing journey.  It provides a solid framework of emotional and “whole self” healing services designed to create a positive mindset and environment for health and healing. 

It also helps the Veteran (and their supporters) transition from emotional distress and pain to wellness and wholeness. This Program can be an autonomous program, or serve as a stopgap and/or bridge service and resource, until Veteran (and their support system) can receive services from the VA.   

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