In the fall of 2000, Jean and I had an idea.

Listen for a moment and I'll try to make it clear.

It wouldn't be easy, and it wouldn't be quick,
but it was an idea that we could make click.

We'd buy a piece of land with tracts of wood,
a long winding drive and foliage looking good.

A crest to a field, and in back a sheer ledge.
Smack dab in the middle would be our cottage.

A tudor house of stucco and stone would do the job,
(for you layfolks and workers, that's wattle and dob).

So now it starts, we begin to dig.
Who ever thought we could dream so big.
(that is, of course, until we have a kid.)

Stop by the site if you're in the mood,
And see how it's coming, this place called HEARTHWOOD.