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I work with people who choose to explore their lives to gain more insight, direction and understanding - but are often unsure of where to begin, where to go, or even what is possible.  

Together, we discover who you truly are inside - and - provide options for personal growth based on your own individual needs and requirements.  

Personal growth and self-development must be seeded with a strong foundation of emotional, cognitive and spiritual awareness.  Don helps people build their foundation in a safe, trusting, supportive environment.

The primary focus of my work centers around three life challenges and/or barriers people encounter:

     1.   They are facing, or experiencing a crisis, significant change or transition in their life (usually not voluntary) and they want to recover, reclaim and regain control 

  2.  Their life is "not working" - lacking direction and/or purpose and they know there is something better, but do not know what to do about it

    3.  They do not fit “the norm” or “the box” and they want to make their life work so they are successful, happy and fulfilled

I can help you move quickly and successfully forward by drawing from more than 30 years of professional and personal experience, diverse and integrated therapuetic techniques, education and training - so we can devise an individualized plan to help you resolve your situation and achieve your desired outcomes and results

I help you to - see your life clearly - make good decisions  - communicate effectively - make your best choices - take the appropriate actions that enhance your life.

You need to be ready and willing to take the appropriate steps and make the necessary changes to reach your desired goal.

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Don Alan Lucas, ccht
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