May 20, 2009

Georg Schneider's Weisen Edel-Weisse

image324655334.jpgAppearance: hazy amber
Aroma: banana, cloves! Some malt
Taste: bright, cloves, etc. Very fun
Overall: 8/10

Dragon Stout

image318285481.jpgAroma: soy, roast
Taste: 60% dark chocolate, roast
Overall: 8/10

Svyturys Baltijos

image255376880.jpgAppearance: amber, clear, light head
Aroma: honey, malty
Taste: totally honey! Malty and sweet.
Overall: 7.5/10 too sweet, but good. Not enough hops

May 12, 2009

Stone 2007 Old Guardian

image1511834795.jpgApp: dark brown, clear
Aroma: almost nothing, light malt, hops
Taste: very sweet, not too much malt; for a bw, is light
Overall: 7/10

Witkap Dubbel

image1510775954.jpgApp: hazy caramel
Aroma: unfinished sugars, burnt sugar,
Taste: malty, hopped, alcohol warming
Overall: 8.5/10

Otter Creek Imperial Stout

image1509986025.jpgApp: black, head remains
Aroma: roast
Taste: omg, roast is amazing
Overall: 9/10

Ommengang Rouge

image1508742307.jpgApp: red, clear
Aroma: sour, fruity, no hops
Taste: b yeast is awesome! Tart!
Overall: 8.5/10

St. Bernadus Wit

image1470170242.jpgApp: hazy golden
Aroma: sweet, slightly funky, straw
Taste: citrus, light sweet
Overall: 6.5/10

Duck-Rabbitt Milk Stout

image1447665669.jpgApp: black!
Aroma: light hop, roast
Taste: sugars come through lightly, hop there mostly on the tail, roast comes though brilliantly

May 10, 2009

Flying Dog Biere de Garde

image422391084.jpgAppearance: hazy golden light head
Aroma: sweet yeast, extremely light hop aroma
Taste: banana, sweet, wheat
Overall: 8/10