Now is devoted to the creative effort to building our geodesic dome from Oregon Dome™, and the joys of living ecologically and with the Earth in mind. Here you can find out about each step of the process through which we've gone, see video and photos related to it, and on the construction page you'll find out how we've thought out (or not) each aspect of our dome. Please peruse and feel free to email us with questions or comments.

In a not-so-far removed time this site was devoted to our struggle with Fairfax County, VA, to build our house on property we own. With a driveway that already exists. With an approved perk site and drainfield on residentially zoned land. In the meantime, we continue to make payments on an interest-only land loan.

Most of this is in the old archives: 2001-early 2003.

The main page has our journal entries for each stage in the process, divided by year.


Peoples' names (aside from our family members) have been changed to keep them from public scrutiny (though we feel they deserve it) and keep us from libel charges.

The Players

County Hydrologist Guy subordinate to our main blocker
County Official 5 our main blocker
Mr. County Attorney agrees with main blocker
County Supervisor largely removed from the process, trusts employees' opinions
County Planning Commission Guy kind of a prick, doesn't understand why we have a problem.
Land Use Lawyer our main supporter of late
County Official 4 official to whom we spoke of the Special Exception, and whom was extremely critical of our situation.
County Official 3 party to the SE discussion with the County Supervisor, advised the SE route was easy and would be approved
County Official 1 an early blocker to our process
"Our Nextdoor Neighbor" shares the same plight as us, sharing the same driveway and also wanting to build or at least pass the land on to his children to build.
Supervisor's Aid gives us information on what's going on from time to time.
Benevolent Friend extremely well meaning, but not very effective
Banker Guy 1 began our loan process at Bank 2
Civil Engineering Firm 1 close friend of Chief Hydrologist Guy, advised us not to submit our plans.
County Official 2 an intermediate
Banker Guy 2 handed us off to Banker Guy 3 after Banker Guy 1 left us hanging
Banker Guy 3 approved our loan (though we did not take it)
Civil Engineering Firm 1 & 1/2 looked us over, decided not to go with us.
Civil Engineering Firm 2 worked with us before splitting and becoming Civil Engineering Firm 3
Civil Engineering Firm 3 are working with us presently
Bank 2 approved our loan (though we did not take it)
Bank #1 denied our loan (though they currently hold the deed to our property and would beneift from giving it to us)
News Woman 1 Fairfax County Reporter for the Washington Post
News Guy 1 another reporter for the Post
VDOT Guy 1 harbinger of logic
Fire Chief 1 another harbinger of logic
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