A Dome?

Timmy from HL & A is putting together a proposal for us and the county this week. I go to Toronto on Wednesday and Thursday, so we won’t be able to review it until Friday.

We looked at some log cabin ideas and a simulated interior on Saturday, but the Geodesic dome seems better priced with more squre footage. And Jean’s parents have a neighbor with one. Very cool. We’re looking at Oregon Dome, Inc., Timberline Geodesics, and Natural Spaces.

Civil Engineering changeup

We’ve ditched our old Civil Engineer, Civil Engineering Firm 1 of Civil Engineering Firm 1 associates. I would’n’t recommend him if your site is anything out of the ordinary (or not in a subdivision).

We’ve hired Harold Logan & Associates, who have done the site survey work and grading plans for the other lots adjacent to ours on Colchester Road. Harold says the driveway thing ought to be no problem, just write a letter waiving the county’s liability in the event of a 100 year flood. HL & Assoc. are in the process of putting together a bid and are going to the county next week.

In the meantime, Jean and I have begun dreaming of other ideas besides a tudor cottage. Maybe a geodesic dome, or even a log cabin home. We’re going to look at a model Log Cabin Home tomorrow…