Modifying the Dome Plans

Just got off the phone with Linda. I’ve faxed her a copy of the plans and some minor changes. She will get back to us with any costs involved or complications in modifying the plans.

Definitely a dome

The Fam got back from France ok.

Civil Engineering Firm2 is officially signed on and the folks are surveying Hearthwood and collecting data. Of course we are paying through the nose in comparison to MH&A, but this is a professional firm and we expect them to get things done.

Linda Boothe from Oregon Domes, Inc. is being quite helpful in selecting a plan, but is a bit busy, so we haven’t set on a final one yet. We definitely think Oregon is the way to go though. They primarily do plans that stick to the “dome” concept. Others are “extension” crazy. Extensions are the things that make a dome (think birds-eye-view here) look more like a turtle. Would you rather shingle a larger diameter dome or a small dome with several extensions (think of all those troughs and crests)?

Nine One One

We and our family are ok. We were in our Civil Engineering Firm2’s office when we heard about the WTC and in the car when we heard about the pentagon. Mom, Dad & Laura are stuck in France for the meantime, but no one we know was hurt, so far as we have heard.