More on Loan, Post notices us

Banker Guy 3 assures me the bank will let us know by next Tuesday at the earliest. We can then arrange a closing date to take off work so we can sign the paperwork.

An email from the Washington Post reporter:

Jean, I do find this situation very interesting and I appreciate the e-mails. I’m sorry I haven’t gotten back to you sooner. I cover county government infrequently but may stay on top of this issue. Just to cover the bases I forwarded your first e-mail to News Woman 1 who is our Fairfax County gov reporter. She also sits about three feet from me. I discussed it with her. I’m going to forward this e-mail as well. We’ll see where it goes.

News Guy 1

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Loan foibles, Using Logic with the County Doesn't Work

Banker Guy 1 no longer works at Bank 2, but apparently they are still working on it. The bank had to go to committee, last Thursday and “Chip” let me know he just spoke with the representative working on it and he said it should be a done deal by tomorrow!

County Official 5 FINALLY sent a response letter (dated 16 May!!) to our Civil Engineers at their old address (noting our absence on the CC list infuriates me) basically stating that they couldn’t find a loin cloth big enough to cover their rear and that they couldn’t recommend our property for approval of the grading plan. Complete B.S. that this is going on. I am sick and tired of the county’s beaurocratic antics.

Jean has just called Benevolent Friend, who is quite understandably, exhasperated like we are. She already has to meet with County Supervisor on another issue and is going to try to line up some time for Jean, Benevolent Friend and myself to meet with her directly before that. We’re to get all our ducks lined up to have everything accessible before that.

It's in the Mail

So Supervisor’s Aid says the county sent the letter to our civil engineers (“your representative”) even though we were the ones leading the meeting (remember, back in April?!!). A quick call to Civil Engineering Firm 3 confirmed no letter had been received from the County, but that these can take as much as ten days in transit. Alan called the county and asked a copy to be faxed as soon as possible. He left a message with County Official 5 and has not yet received a call. If we were on Mars, we would get faster communication than this.

A recent article (this is a PDF file) in the Washington Post whose subjects are in a similar situation as ours.

And we wait…

Still no word from County Official 5 or Supervisor’s Aid on County Official 5/Code Analysis’s response. Supposedly County Official 5 sent a letter out a week ago-by snail courier perhaps? How long can this charade go on?

BF Update

Benevolent Friend called Jean today. She apologized for not being able to get in touch with us. She was hoping that we’d say “yep, it’s all solved, we’re building now!” No such luck of course, and she was extremely dismayed. She said she’d call Ms. Jones this afternoon. We asked her if County Official 5 sends us a letter simply saying we can’t build that we would like to hire her, but she said she hopes it doesn’t come to that, as it would be very expensive. This woman is extremely generous and we appreciate her efforts immensly. We’ll see what tomorrow holds.

Voicemails left

I called County Official 5 today and left a message to call me. He wasn’t in later either.

Banker Guy 1 says the underwriter should be calling him before 5pm EST today. He will probably call tomorrow.

Hide your face in shame

An email:

Jean: Please feel free to contact me at anytime. Yes, I did hear from County Official 5 and they did meet, I believe, as planned. He did not tell me anything other than that he was writing a letter to you answering many of your questions and addressing the concerns and issues you’ve raised. As I mentioned before, he will be copying our office on this letter, so I should see it within the next week. Again, write or call anytime. I’m here from 8:30a – 4:30p M-F.


Supervisor’s Aid

Sounds like County Official 5 is just like the rest: he can’t face us in person. Hopefully all this means is that they have come up with a footbridge standard for us to use and are naming certain conditions we need to meet. Something tells me that may not be the case…

Bank firms up

Banker Guy 1 says he should hear this afternoon from the lenders (now not Bank #1 but someone else) if they want to go with the laon and he says they probably do. Then he’ll FedEx the “truth in lending” statements, (a slightly different deal of course) and we’re off! We’ll sign and close sometime next week hopefully!

No news yet from the county-stay tuned.

Bank Feels Shaky, Code Analysis

Banker Guy 1 of Bank 2 says the underwriters of the lender they chose aren’t comfortable with the comparables in the area (domes with acreage), so the appraiser has called the lenders directly and they should say yes or no by this afternoon. If no, Chesapeake will simply try another lender and Banker Guy 1 assures me that it will only take a couple of days.

Ironically enough, they are going through the wholesale division of Bank #1 which has better rates and doesn’t have a problem with a self-built dome. Go figure.

An email:

“Subject: RE: Progress

No, this doesn’t mean you can sit in this meeting. Sorry. I won’t be in the meeting either. This is their work-in-progress. I’ve asked that they prepare a written response and sumLand Use Lawyer to you (and copy County Supervisor) once they’ve made some kind of decision regarding this issue. I appreciate your kind comments. Thanks.


Supervisor’s Aid ”

So we’re still at the mercy of code analysis. What really bugs us is that Supervisor’s Aid is more concerned that we got the run-around for a year than the fact that we need to be able to build. All that is water under the bridge, but if the County snubs us by declaring our land unbuildable (after taxing us at buildable rates I might add), we could go bankrupt.

If you haven’t seen it, check out “construction” down at the menu. It goes over the steps of construction and will of course be filled in with photos and links to videos on the movies page as we progress. This isn’t really a log, but more of a help section to dome-builders-to-be.