Knocking more, knuckles are bloody

An email from Land Use Lawyer:

I just placed the first of what will be many calls to County Official 5. He has had long enough. I will make him so tired of getting my messages that they will have to answer.

Two months, 10 days until our drop-dead date. (D-Day)

Anyone Home?

Land Use Lawyer wrote another letter to the county last week asking that they respond to our first request pronto. Nothing yet.

Waiting Some More

It’s been over two weeks now, and Land Use Lawyer says that’s “no time at all for what we’re trying to do” (in essence, declaring their floodplain laws illegal and asking for immediate approval). She says we’re going to have to wait “a while longer.” Translation? I guesstimate two months more at maximum. Heck, by then it will be October. If we haven’t made headway by November, we’re outta here. There are some nice plots of land and some with Cedar sided prow houses already on them for under $300K out 30-45 minutes West of here…