Dome Raising in detail

Hey everybody! I’d just like to say again just how thankful we are that we had such a great turnout for our domeraising. You’d think we had free beer or something!
For those of you who were there, this is review, but for those who weren’t let the story unfold…
Around 7:30 in the morning, Jean, myself, and Phillipson/Dyer crew arrive. We started finding the riser walls and moving them into position. The excitement was compounded by Jean having possible delivery signs.
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The Dome is Up!

Incredibly, our dome is up. Thanks to all the friends and family who came out, from those who stayed for every last minute, grunting triangles into place, to those who weren’t even able to make it out but thought about us. You all made this possible.
Lucas isn’t coming yet, but stay tuned during the next couple weeks. He’s still officially due November 9th. 🙂
We’re too tired to even think about more tonight, but we’ll throw up some photos Sunday evening, and have a more descriptive entry.
For those of you coming out tomorrow, we’re more than happy to have you. More than enough to do…Until then, don’t forget to set you clocks ba…Zzzzzz.

Subfloor complete, Dome Raising Imminent

Yesterday and today, Robert, Bob, Dad and I worked tirelessly to finish the first and second layers of plywood for the subfloor.
Yesterday Robert and I got a decent start out in the morning, and had made decent headway by lunch. Lunch was chinese food courtesy of Jean – extremely welcome on that cold and windy day. It never got above 55 degrees or so, and was much colder with the clouds and wind chill. Brrrr.
The afternoon brough a little more sun and Bob came out to help us glue and screw (ha ha – a rhyme) the plywood down. By the end of the day, we had two rows of the 1/2 inch stuff down.
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Subfloor work

I’m taking the rest of this week off to prepare for dome raising. This morning Robert and I began finishing up the joists this morning, interspersed with work on the subfloor.
Jean took care of some higher level Hearthwood business and bought us more joist hangers.
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Well, Well, Well…

That’s right. A well. Yesterday morning, Groundwater Inc. called Jean to say they were coming out to the site. She went out to meet them, supposing they were sending a crew to spec out the site and see what needed to be cleared.
Imagine her surprise when the well drilling rig showed up! Robert cleared the necessary area with the back-hoe and they began drilling! They should finish up today, and our health dept. inspector will be there to witness the “grouting of the well,” whatever that is.
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Floor joists in; We're almost at dome raising!

I can’t believe it. We have all of our basement framing done and most of our floor joists in.
On this recent crisp fall Saturday morning, Jean’s brother Robert was singing “Tainted Love” while sawing 2×6 studs for our basement.
By the time 9 o’clock rolled around, Mom, Dad, Josh, Justin, Chris, John, and a load of other people throughout the day showed up.
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From the mouth o’ Jeano: “Sunday morning Marsha and Josh came out again, and Krissy came out to help, too. Marsha and Josh shared the miserable job of screwing in the bolts that bolted the walls to the base plate. It was a slow going loud process with the compressor running the drill. My shoulders ache for them, being hunched over a power drill for hours. (shudder)
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Basement Walls Are Up!

We just want to let everyone who came out to help us today, that you were SO MUCH HELP!!! We couldn’t have done it without you.
Today, we put the basement walls up. Marsha, Jake, Josh, Laura, Jo, Kathy and Bob all helped Jean and I maneuver these enormous wall sections of mostly pressure treated lumber, into place.
My grandmother and grandfather Lampkin are even in town and got to stop by. My grandfather, a real computer buff, should be emailing us some digital photos within a week or so, so continue to check the Construction Photos “foundation” page:)
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Slab Poured!

Jeano was the real deal today. She alone, directed the concrete trucks and finishing crew to finish the dome slab. Ok, so she really just said “Go!” and they did their job, but she did a really good job of filming for an 8-month pregnant wife! And they did a good job at that…
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Slab inspected

Jeano met the inspector this morning and our slab passed inspection. She ordered our interior framing lumber for our basement from the lumber place and confirmed delivery of it Friday, and our windows on the 23rd.
She’s also ordered our wood stoves, which should arrive in a few weeks.
I scanned in updated schematics of our plans and have added a few other things to the construction section of the site. Check it out!