Another day of Plenty

We’ve really not had the energy to think about anything but eating, sleeping and Lucas these days, but you all just won’t let us forget that we have a house to build!
I didn’t take time to mention yet, but Noah, Lauren, Molly and Will came out to help last weekend (or the one before? Too many days blending in to one another…) I sure wish Molly could have stayed longer to help swing her hammer:) Noah helped out the whole day on Saturday with Tyvek and framing.
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More windows and doors

Today Bob and I got to the site and met our roofer, Ken Trudeau, Josh Kinkade’s father-in-law. He and his wife started in earnest today and are great people.
At around 10, I picked up Jean and Lucas from the hospital (we’re a family!) and dropped them off at the Phillipsons. With a great reluctance, I returned to the site and continued to help Bob (and now my dad and Krissy) install the front door (Bob had pretty much already done this), a double window, and some more tyvek.
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Lucas is coming!

Jean’s water broke this afternoon and Lucas is coming:) He’ll be here by tomorrow morninish, so wish us luck. We’ll keep all of you up to date. For any clients of mine, call the office for details on your appointments.

Windows & Doors

Since the Dome Raising, we’ve been making decent progress on a few things for the dome. Jean took delivery of the shingles, a 30-year dark green type. Our roofer is driving from Oregon today and should be here by Thursday.
This weekend we began installing the windows and doors in the dome. Saturday, Josh and Jake came out to help, as well as Kathy and Bob, and Krissy.
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