Last Weekend of 2003

Saturday we were again blessed with good weather, temperatures reaching the mid-fifties at least. We used this time to focus on the outside a bit.
First, my dad used the Kubota to backfill the drain pipe with gravel, which we then covered with the remaining tar paper from the roofing.
Meanwhile, Bob finished nailing ALL the nails in the joist hangers; some dozen nails or so for each of the six hangers.

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Second Floor Joists

Man what a weekend! We put up the two enormous LVL “green beams” to serve as the header material over the kitchen opening AND we got the joists for the second floor all in place save two.
Saturday morning I drove out to Hearthwood to see just how many trees NOVEC had cut down for the power line easement. It was quite a shock. Sunlight streaming through the trees had turned into a clear-cut swath of land 30 feet wide…

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