More Snow!

We got a fair bit of snow (and are expecting more), snow I went out to Hearthwood to plow the drive with my parents’ Kubota tractor.
It took me just over an hour, but I was able to clear most of it off, for a gravel driveway, anyway.

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electric, stair fixin’, what-not

This past weekend we got a lot done at Hearthwood. On Saturday, I spent the morning tallying the remaining tasks for framing the dome. Observe:
– [ ] First Floor
– [ ] Redo Stairs
– [ ] Put up 3 joist hangers (need palm nailer)
– [ ] Complete screwing in lags (5?) and tighten all.
– [ ] Tighten all wall and triangle bolts
– [ ] Insert filler in doublers
– [ ] Fire blocking
– [ ] Wall plate (top) reinforcement
– [ ] Second floor subfloor blocking where plywood meets shell with no support.
– [ ] Plywood seam lapping
– [ ] Frame out coat closet
– [ ] Loft
– [ ] Finish subfloor (4 hours)
– [ ] Safe floor hinge in plywood (get from Home depot)
– [ ] frame bathroom wall
– [ ] frame closet wall
– [ ] frame odd walls
– [ ] Basement
– [ ] Plywood seam-lapping (same as first floor)
– [ ] Wall Plate reinforcement (same as first floor)
– [ ] Carry load down from first floor beams.

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HVAC and Electric

My office gave me the morning off to help Jean with laying rock dust in the electrical trench this morning. Let me tell you that when one says “dust”, sweeping light dust comes to mind. This is nothing of the sort. Remember the gravel on the playground when you were in elementary school? That funny smell it gave your hands after pushing your toy truck through it during recess? That’s what we’re working with. Kind of like flour-in small quantities, not a problem, but in wheel-barrow loads, quite heavy…

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