Countertops, Lights, Running Water!

This past weekend was pretty fast-moving. The weather was completely outstanding, allowing us to be productive both indoors and out.
Last week, Jean and her dad had picked up our countertops from IKEA. We decided to go with joined wood blocks rather than Corian or SileStone for two reasons: time and money. The Corian would have been around $2500 installed and at least two weeks away. For those of you who are brave enough to ask, you know we’re shooting for an early July move-in date, so this wouldn’t work.
We’d already investigated the IKEA bit, like the look, so went with it. The whole set cost around $250!
So Saturday morning we measured, crossed our fingers and cut the countertops at Bob and Kathy’s. We had our sinks (prep and kitchen) on hand, so cut the holes for them as well.

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