Any Day Now

Wow, things are really moving along at Hearthwood.
Yesterday Simpson HVAC called (called us! tear rolling down my cheek) and asked to come out to install the remaining registers and vent our water heater. Eric did such an excellent job about the installation, he was even able to do it without cutting extra drywall. (thus avoiding an argument with us)
The phone company came out and attempted to hook up our phone lines with only a minivan, despite Jean having called several times to avoid just such a situation. “Yes, you actually need to string the lines between poles from the road, about 1/4 mile.” Remember, this is the company that attempted to charge us for a dial tone to an empty wooded lot over two years ago…

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Sweep, Sweep, Sweep Senora!

This past Friday, Steve Schaible drove out to Hearthwood to help Jeano clean the dome. That was a good start to our very productive weekend.
If we hadn’t caught you up recently, we’re pushing for a final inspection to get our RUP (residential use permit) later this week, for a hopeful move-in of this next weekend. We don’t really expect to pass the first time, so it’s more likely we’ll move in the following week, but it can’t hurt to hope can it?
Anyway, Saturday Barry and Monica Bocaner came out to help clean and set up our phone closet. Barry is a computer and networking guru, so it was small potoatoes to help install the box, punch-down panel and instruct me on how to wire my data and voice jacks. He even had a lineman’s tone generator! Monica swept and vacuumed with Jean, getting the upstairs relatively clean.

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Nearly There

Ok, I’m a complete slacker. I’m nabbing nearly all of my content from Jean’s HH, but it’s sooo good, how can I resist? Anyway, we’re not yet in the house, but we’re shooting to get inspected by the end of this month. Here we go:
“Well folks, we are really getting down to the wire. i know i’ve been saying that for months now, so it seems i’m crying wolf, but now i mean it.Last week, Ed borrowed a projector from work and I projected some cool dinosaur coloring book pages onto his wall and then joined them together. It took me Wednesday through saturday, but I finished painting the mural in his room. Grandma Jo was an indispensable help. Not only did she come out everyday to help paint, but she really knows about colors and shading and general painting stuff – of which i was clueless, having never painted before. So in my humble opinion, i think the mural looks great! Ed’s sister Rebecca and my sister Kate also painted some dinos. (see the photo on the top bar or under “Lucas”)

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