Tile, Gardening

Hey we’re still here! Jean and Bob put forth an enormous effort this past week and tiled our kitchen! And this past weekend I moved a good amount of earth and manure to create our garden plot.
We’ve also just recently got a new digital camera, so expect more recent photos soon. Unfortunately I didn’t get any extra time with the camera, so it may be slow in coming…

We’re in!

I can’t quite believe it. As of yesterday, about 1pm, we got our Residential Use Permit and are now officially living in our house!
This past year has been pretty crazy. And so has this past week. And since I’m at a loss for time at the moment, Jean’s last Hearthwood Herald does a better job at elucidating (word o’ the day) what a time it has been….

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Almost There (Stay on Target)

Sorry for the lack of photos, entries, etc. We’re on to our final push now. We’ve got our furniture waiver, and will have our final inspection this next Monday. More updates soon, I promise…