Final Site Survey Update

Jean just called to tell me that Kendall Consulting is actually doing our site survey! For those of you closely involved, you may have noticed we still have no deck. That’s because without a final site survey (Yes, we’ve built a house of x square feet, and no, it’s not in the creek), the folks to whom we out-sourced the deck haven’t been able to pull permits.
So now there’s actually hope we’ll have a deck before winter! Won’t that be nifty?

Bar Evolves Further

This past week Jean and I had a pretty hellish work schedule, but that didn’t stop us from toodling over to Kathy and Bob’s to plane two large planks of oak for the top of our bar. Oh, and we had dinner too:)
This past weekend, Christophe was in town visiting, so he came along with Jean, Lucas and I to the Renaissance Festival. Angie came along as well, and we met Paul and Kim (and their daughter) to make a crowd. It was SO busy! There was hardly room to walk, the throngs of people were so thick.
Sunday, it was rather rainy and dreary, so we stayed inside all day, cleaning and hobbying. Jean worked on a couple halloween outfits for friends while I worked on the bar more. I added rear panels and two shelves. Just a couple more shelves and a bottle rack, then I’ll be ready for the top and tree!

Fall Festival Weekend

This past week we’ve had super weather-60’s and 70’s, crisp autumn breezes and sunshine! We took advantage of that and went to Sugarloaf Craft Festival up in Gaithersburg on Saturday. We could have spent the whole day there, but would have spent a fortune if we did.
We found one particular artisan, whom we expected to be there. This couple makes wrought iron housewares, from toilet paper holders to pan hangers that you hang above your stove. We picked up a beautiful fire poker, all viny and leafy. We also picked up a hook from which to hang it, as we can’t have it at floor leel with Lucas crawling around.

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