Lucas’s Wood Floor – installed!

We worked like mad to get the wood floor installed by Sunday morning. Jean and I rented a massive orbital sander on Saturday and began sanding on Sunday after we finished putting down the boards. We got most of the way through the job by night-fall. I listened to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on my iPod, a nice diversion from the mundane task at hand.
This week, Jean and her father took a lot of poplar and routed base board and window sill and jamb material for the room. We still need to sand some edges down, and then a final run with the sander, but then we’ll be able to stain and/or varnish. We still haven’t decided if we’re going to stick with the natural color…

More finish work…and fun with friends

This weekend (for all intents and purposes it’s over for me, as I’m working today) we got a LOT done on Lucas’s wood floor (check out the pix) and had Mike and Kristen over for dinner and an excellent game of Scene it. Good times.

Wood Floor – update 01

Jean got another few boards ready for us yesterday, so when I got home from work we were ready to make the necessary cuts and nail another run down. She’s AWESOME.