Yesterday Jean, Lucas and I made a few rounds, stopping at Kathy and Bob’s to work on Bob’s new laptop, then out to Leesburg to visit Aunt Maralyn and help her fix and iDVD issue.

We ended up spending the entire afternoon there (it’s easy to do) and having dinner (an excellent bone-in pork roast) Uncle Bob played some recordings he and his gang have been doing recently and we found out that he’s available on the iTunes (Mac and PC compatible) Music Store! Check him out: Bob’s Music

If you’ve read this far, it’s only because you’re wanting to know more – no Merrill is not here yet, despite her due date being today:) Keep hoping. We’ll send an email as soon as she is, and obviously will be posting photos here too…

Almost There…

No, she’s not here yet:)
And yes, Jean wishes she would go into labor as soon as possible. But alas, no.
It was incredibly nice yesterday, so while I was out passing a test, Jean took Lucas to the park to play. I also took him out later in the afternoon to play around Hearthwood. We poked sticks in the ashes at the firepit, jumped on log seats (also around the pit), threw the ball for Maruska, and ran around the yard. Good times.
Jean and I had the good fortune of having our good friend Christen begin finishing our master bathroom plumbing last week, and yesterday completed the sink installation. We also assembled the medicine cabinet and mounted it on the wall.
We’ll be sure to send out a photograph to you all when Merrill comes, as well as a link to Hearthwood, where I’ll post all the photographs.

The Big Three-Oh

Yep. Turnin’ 30. So is Justin F., so I don’t feel so odd-man-out. Whether Merrill is born first or I turn 30 first will be a photo finish:)

Almost There…Stay on Target

I’m in training this week, so I have the time to post during the day. This is awesome.
We’re counting down the days ’til Merrill is here. I’m seriously on the edge of my seat. Then again, I have had too much caffeine lately.
Yesterday, Steve Jobs announced new iMacs and “MacBooks” at MacWorld Expo. The fuss? They have Intel chips in them. Never thought I’d see the day.
Back to training…
…later….I (We?) got a Nikon digital SLR for my birthday – early so we can have it on hand when Merrill arrives. (Thanks for pitching in Mom!!!) Check out the detail (nuts at right) this thing can get. Oh, and there’s a shot of Jean all preggered up. 😉