Dome Sweet Dome

And we’re back. We’ve had a couple days to decompress and are enjoying our extended weekend at home. The weather is even cooperating, humidity being low and temperatures dropping into the 70’s at times during the day.
This evening I meandered down to the end of the drive, dram in hand, to check out the wildlife, indigenous and otherwise. The odiferous, come-hither musk of Spring is gone, replaced by the cooler a scents of late summer coming from the trees and plants on the drive. The half moonlight tumbled down throught the forest canopy like sunlight down a well, accompanying the sound of Popes Head Creek.
We’re looking forward to cooler weather and Fall at Hearthwood…

Lexington, Homeward-bound

Yesterday we said goodbye to the lake and drove to Lexington. We stopped in at St. Joseph’s Hospital to visit Grandfather Lampkin. He bruised his leg, and that cascaded into a series of health failures, including a swollen arm and internal bleeding; he was so frail. The kids were behaved well enough at least and he was very happy to see them and us. We said our goodbyes and took Grandmother to lunch, afterwhich we went back to see Grandfather again; he’s not doing so well…
We’re heading back to VA tomorrow.

Water skiing, hiking in a dry county

Yesterday and today were great days, though hot. We water-skied and tubed behind the Mary Jane, The Klausing’s boat; Jean got up almost right away, having done that quite a bit in her youth, while I ha less luck. Jimmy even got a chance to show off his “mad skills” while Bethany drove.
The fun day tired out the kids as usual, laying them out asleep on the deck of the boat house before we made it back up.
Today we took a break from the lakehouse in the morning, going to see the Wolf Creek Dam and same fishery, complete with walkthrougj and accompanying movie, which the kids enjoyed.
Mom treated us to lunch at the Lure Lodge, after which Jean and I took the kids on a hike and to the store to get fixins for tacos and tomorrow night’s dinner. As we were leaving the store we realized we had forgotten the beer and wine; turns out it’s a dry county and there isn’t a wet one for three counties over. We survived, but perhaps only because we had Derby Pie (from the Lure Lodge) with icecream.
Tomorrow we’re taking the kids fishing; that should be a blast:)