Hearthwood Abroad: The Offer

Jean got the call for her A-100 class this morning! She’ll be attending the September class. We have to wait until then to find where we’ll be posted…

The NC/FL Road Trip: The Magic Kingdom & The Auto Train

image1342317930.jpgWe started our morning early again and entered the park yuppie-style, Starbucks logo’s shining, green beacon-like from beneath the recycled-fiber cardboard Kozie’s surrounding our espresso drinks.
As the early bird gets the worm, so we got a personal hand-shake from Buzz Lightyear, and enjoyed riding his ride and using the astro rockets, all within 30 minutes of entering the park.
We then went on the Hauted Mansion ride, Pirates of the Carribean and then split up as Lucas and I went to Splash Mountain an the girls got the younger two’s Mouse Ears hats embroidered with their names.
With one final sweep of our god-like will, we granted the children some sweets from the confectionary and exited the park for Sanford, an hour away for our train.
We made Sanford on good time and stopped at Hollenbach’s Willow Tree Cafe, “a real German restaurant in Sanford”, where we did indeed find some real German food, enjoying Bratwurst and Spaetzle with a Kolsch and Schwarzbier.
Lunch complete, we checked ourselves and th car in to the station and began our train ride home.
We are watching “Tales of Despereaux” now in the lounge car with the kids and the youngest who refuses to sleep:)
We’ll arrive at 9:30 in the morning at Lorton, having slept in our family bunk.
A phenomenal vacation.

The NC/FL Road Trip: The Animal Kingdom

image2087559953.jpgOur wild morning began with abreal espresso (sob) latte at the entrance to this park that neither Jean or I had been to before after a quick walk from the lot to the entrance. The day proved to be hot, but again getting up early proved to be worth it; Rafiki, Goofy and Mickey greeted us with an pre-opening show, just like at the the Magic Kingdom.
We started of with the “it’s tough to be a bug” show, which was a 3D show for the kids, inside of the tree of life; fun stuff. The rest of our day was hot and humid, but very fun. We got to see a cool dinosaur ride, a real animal safari, and a phenomenal musical rendition of Finding Nemo. Two stuffed-animal fruit bats in tow, we left for the day in a tropical rain.
We ended the day at the same bargain restaurant at which we ate a couple days ago, and planned our final half day for the Magci Kingdom.