Ground Hog Running for Cover

I traveled to Boston last week on business and am now just coming back from a separate Connecticut/NY trip today. Snow everywhere. I saw flakes almost 2″ across today. And now more snow expected back home.

At least the train provides a respite from air travel, and a quiet place to work and read.

My hotel in Mount Kisco was a blast; the Hudson Valley Manor House (Holiday Inn) had a decent restaurant, Macallan 12 at the bar, and brandy and cookies before bed (addictive combo). I met some interesting people.

My dad is coincidentally arriving back early from Haiti tonight. I bet his trip was loads more interesting!

Back to Hearthwood!

Blizzard 2010: Hoth Revisited

It’s still snowing outside. At least we have power though. And a crackling wood fire.

Last Fridy afternoon it began snowing, about an inch an hour, and didn’t stop until Saturday night. All told, the area received between 24 and 36 inches of snow (34″ at Dulles Airport) in a whirlwind blizzard event.

We lost power at 4:30am; I know because the various battery