Windsor, Kim & Paul, and P-Harmion

This morning we woke at the buzzer and cruised out of London on the 10:25 to Windsor, where Kim & Paul graciously picked us up to show us around town.
Paul works at Pharmion, right beside the station, which Jean creatively called “P-Harmion before realizing the “ph” sound involved in the name.
We walked to a playground, for the requisite kid-stop, where Lucas was able to run around and play on the slides and swings while Keira hung out in the stroller…
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Greenwich Mean Time

By Thursday afternoon, we’d found ourselves having lunch with Iola and Tingi, in on business, at the Med Cafe near the Archway tube station in London. Lucas was fast asleep in his stroller. We needed to remove ourselves post-haste to Tamsen’s flat in Mudchute, so we decided to stash our belongings in the trunk of a cab rather than lug the stroller and rolling suitcase through the tube system (sans lifts or escalators)…
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In London!

Wouldn’t you know it, we’re here for less than a few hours and I’ve already got my hands on the keyboard of an Apple laptop. Jean’s friend, Iola, has an iBook that needs looking at, so I took a minute to pop this entry in.
Our plane ride was decent, but we didn’t get much sleep, especially Lucas. We’ll be tromping ’round London today, having breakfast with Iola, lunch with Tingi, and spending the night with Tamsen…see you ’round…