Ground Hog Running for Cover

I traveled to Boston last week on business and am now just coming back from a separate Connecticut/NY trip today. Snow everywhere. I saw flakes almost 2″ across today. And now more snow expected back home.
At least the train provides a respite from air travel, and a quiet place to work and read.
My hotel in Mount Kisco was a blast; the Hudson Valley Manor House (Holiday Inn) had a decent restaurant, Macallan 12 at the bar, and brandy and cookies before bed (addictive combo). I met some interesting people.
My dad is coincidentally arriving back early from Haiti tonight. I bet his trip was loads more interesting!
Back to Hearthwood!

Blizzard 2010: Hoth Revisited

It’s still snowing outside. At least we have power though. And a crackling wood fire.
Last Fridy afternoon it began snowing, about an inch an hour, and didn’t stop until Saturday night. All told, the area received between 24 and 36 inches of snow (34″ at Dulles Airport) in a whirlwind blizzard event.
We lost power at 4:30am; I know because the various battery

Lazy Sundays

This morning was a lazy Sunday morning. Raining outside so no reason to go out and chop wood.
Leftover Dino nuggets in an English muffin for breakfast and coffee for me, fruit loops for the kids.
Lucas and I played Lego’s and then Star Wars along with the girls. Going for a birthday party today at Chuck E. Cheese and nothing on the schedule until dinner. I love days like today.

White Christmas

It’s Christmas eve day and I have the house, and Hearthwood, to myself. I spent the morning sawing some firewood. Jean and the kids are at the Phillipson’s sledding and playing when with the rest of the family, in from Boston and California.
The snow is still here. Not much is melted; it’s just settled down into a big, wet, mushy slick mess. Hence, we will have a white Christmas tomorrow.
The new year is coming.

Ed is a Fan of Hearthwood…


Is this what it’s like to be a Mom? As in a person with no one thing important enough (everyone else’s perception) to keep them from being distracted by another?
I bounced from one remote workplace (Bob and Kathy’s) this morning, to lunch at home, to picking up my parents’ ancient treadmill (a treadmill workplace on which I’m typing this now), to taking Eleanor for her second flu shot, to getting back here in time for my one of many conference calls.

Cox called back; our high-speed internet is just weeks away…

I can see my chopped wood, from the office window, getting wet. It’s past 4pm. Start thinking about dinner…

So close, and yet so far.


woodshedHow does time get away from us? The weather has been turning and the leaves are all but gone from the trees. I put up my woodshed this past weekend, so I can dispense with the tarps over woodpiles, covered in snow. We’ve already been using it in the basement stove.

Bob has been finishing our Master Bathroom with his craftman’s touch. Stone, wood, and tile grace our nook now.

Kids have been sick with the Flu. Been making apple chips like crazy. Getting ready for Thanks Giving, I bought a 27lb turkey the other day. Georgia could slice open that bird belly and slide inside a-la-taun taun.

See you all around…

Autumn begins

Screen shot 2009-09-26 at 9.53.32 PM.png

It’s raining out; has been since this morning. Nothing accomplished out-doors today, but we needed the rain I guess.
We’re trying to get the house finished…still đŸ™‚ Master bath by Bob and Charlieâ„¢ soon. Perhaps a wood shed. Time to redo the beer lines in the bar with something better. Wood floors down in the Master bedroom before Christmas.
Jean painted the first floor bath last weekend; I’m almost done with the trim.
Lucas learned to swim on his own before the summer was out.
Eleanor is talking more. Also emulating Merrill more.
Merrill is enjoying pre-school.
Jean is enjoying the thrill of work. Not the commute though.
Autumn is coming…the squash and tomatoes in the garden tempt the deer daily, but my fence keeps them out.
Clifton Day is soon. Holidays soon after.

The linked video (to the pic) is what goes through my head (roughly) when I hear this song by Aphex Twin. (Girl-Boy)

Fall is coming

We’re enjoying late summer.  It’s been in the 70’s the entire week…I’m restless to start chopping wood. I can’t decide if I go ahead and build a woodshed…or buy a new tarp.  Eleanor is starting to talk, saying things like “Yes.” and “Dada” and “Noooo.”

iPhone 3GS

Like Ferris says, “How I do love to drive it…”, I too enjoy using the peppy new iPhone 3GS. The whole interface is faster, mostly due to the 600MHz processor with 256MB of RAM. The voice control is nifty, the digital compass…will be useful someday I’m sure. It’s the video that I love. Oh, and the auto-focus, auto-balance, 3 Megapixel still camera. I shot this (and edited in iMovie) yesterday:



Stamped. Posted.

EdandMerrill_apr09Jean pirouettes into the kitchen, not realizing I’m there, and catches herself. “I’m not used to you being here,” she says. I work from home a lot now. That was the scene last evening as Jean mentally prepared for the following day.

Today Jean is taking the oral assessment (exam?) to get into the Foreign Service. She is going to become a Foreign Service Officer and should she pass this time around, we will get posted…somewhere. It’s a lot like it sounds, except in this case the envelope being posted is our family and unlike the envelope, we actually have some choice in the matter. Normally I would be receiving the occasional text during the day, in this case on a break between one interview and the next, but Jean’s iPhone has been beat about the head and shoulders, presumably by one (or more) of the children, over-eager in their attempts to swipe from one photo to the next.

Spring is inexorably making its way to Hearthwood, like grass breaking through pavement, it pushes through winter. The Maple tree outside the office window is getting buds, as are the Dogwoods beyond. My pumpkin and watermelon seedlings are outgrowing their starter tray, though my pepper and tomatoes are less enthusiastic and have some time yet.

My beer brewing is a season behind! My Belgian Wit is ready, sure enough, but I have no Hefeweizen set to go, nor Saison.

I’m home from work today, watching the kids. Television is both my friend and arch nemesis. Too little and I will go insane from kid overload. Too much and the kids will be grumpy and addled from the exposure. Less rain, more sun please. I would normally text my missives to Jean…it’s only 10:00am now.

4:30. Jean has just called. She’s passed.